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Stacklite CZR: our new LED wallwasher with the great pedigree. Experience the same features that have made our quartz-halogen Stacklite 150 a favorite of lighting designers, architects, museum curators and gallery owners since 1970!

Widespread Uniform Distribution
Stacklite CZR’s project our widest, most uniform, ceiling-to-floor wallwash. For 12’ walls you can space them 54” apart; for 15’ walls as much as 72” apart. You can design a wall filled with light with fewer fixtures, lower fixture and labor costs, and a quieter ceiling.

Glare Control
Stacklite CZR’s minimize lateral glare in two ways: The LED arrays are regressed well within the fixture housing to baffle direct glare; and the housing interior is finished matte black to ‘kill’ any stray reflected light. As a result you can look, with comfort, down a row of Stacklite CZR’s.

Adjustability, Without a Yoke
Stacklite CZR’s provide vertical adjustment internally. To shift light distribution as much as 20° up or 35° down you simply rotate the spring-loaded LED assembly within the fixture housing. The housing remains parallel to the wall and ceiling. That's why a line of Stacklite CZR's can pass as architectural details, they're that less obtrusive than yoke-mounted wallwashers.

Stacklite CZR’s LED credentials are impressive: color rendering as high as 90 CRI, a range of LED arrays yielding efficacies as high as 35 lumen per watt, even dimming to 1%. Specify them as
    • Stacklite CZR track fixtures, or
    • Stacklite CZR-OBM surface mounted fixtures
and enjoy our exceptional fixture re-engineered for efficiency.
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