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    A museum is a symphony of lighting and structural design elements harmonizing together to accentuate the beauty of art and architecture. In the same way, behind the spirit of our brand is a collective of helpful experts and friendly professionals keeping our company running smoothly and constantly improving.


    We are here to help you realize your visions. Together, we have a combined professional experience of over a century. We tackle issues big and small with the inventiveness and resourcefulness with which our founder established our company. Since 1952, we have serviced North America and projects worldwide, and we are pleased to continue serving you for another 70 years.

    Executive Leadership

    Joel Siegel 

    Vice President of Sales 

    Rick Shaver

    Vice President of Specifications Support

    Natalie Bravo 

    Specifications Sales Manager

    Tech Support

    Natalie Bravo 

    Specifications Sales Manager

    Pre-Construction Sales 


    All pre-construction sales inquiries must be emailed to Norma Varela 

    Norma Varela

    Quotations Specialist 

    Michael Gatto 

    Linda Leconte 

    Karen McCormick 

    Post-Construction Sales 


    All post-construction sales inquiries must be emailed to Norma Perez 

    Norma Perez

    Customer Service Representative 

    Linda Leconte 

    Karen McCormick 


    Lorraine Cabana 

    Creative Director


    Vanessa Moshrif

    Accounts Receivable Manager